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Kingsley Parker, "Celestial Map 2 (Charting)"
Kingsley Parker, "Celestial Map 2 (Charting)"
Carborundum Collagraph, Etching, Linocut with Chine Colle (Goyu) on Frankfurt Paper
25.5 x 37

Parker has always used printmaking to describe his perspective of the world, sometimes with humor and satire. With a wide range of interests, his imagination encompasses all media, including combinations of printmaking media, as in this print. His recent works focus mostly on environmental degradation. His website: kingsleyparker.com

Edition size: 12
Edition prints available for purchase.

"Celestial Map #2 (Charting) - shows a white Asian paper (black ink) printed first as a linocut and dried. With the carborundum (gray) and etching (green) plates inked and ready to print, the Asian paper was then dampened and glue applied to the back. The Asian paper was placed on the carborundum plate, the dampened tan western paper placed on top and it all went through the press together. Although usually this would be the end of it, with this image the second plate, the etching, was then printed. Note how the techniques play off each other, the precision of the etched lines in tandem with the loose spontaneity of the carborundum collagraph, counterbalanced with the sharp paper edges and deep black of the linocut." (from Carborundum Collagraph Printmaking. Please click on the Links page to find out about the book.)

NOTE: the white framing of this image is on the website only, it is not an element of the print.