Yama Prints

Our Featured Print is an untitled monoprint by Sylvia Plimack Mangold. It is 2 stages of the same plate/image, printed in 2 different inks, on Fabriano Roma Gray paper. It is in my collection from my time printing with Silvia at Riverhouse Editions in 1992. Click on the image to lead to a larger view and more information.

Yama Prints was established in 1987 by Betty Winkler. It operated for 23 years, hand-printing limited edition fine art prints, variable editions and monoprints.

This website displays merely a selection of the collection available for sale and exhibition. Some prints are numbered edition prints, and some are proofs, with various designations. All prints are signed by the artists.

Our platemaking methods were primarily etching and carborundum collagraph. Other media were mezzotint, stencil, linoleum and letterpress. Many prints are combined techniques/multi-media.

Some of the artists who worked at Yama were Charles Bell, Martha Diamond, Sydney Drum, Don Eddy, Rafael Ferrer, Beth Firman, Helen Frank, Beth Ganz, Yvonne Jacquette, Pamela Lawton, Suzanne Nessim, Kingsley Parker, Philip Pearlstein, Ellen Peckham, Miriam Schapiro, David Shapiro and Stephen Talasnik.

The collection includes prints made while I was an assistant at other studios, such as Condeso-Brokopp Studio, (printing etchings for Sydney Drum, Philip Pearlstein), Eldendean Press (etchings by Miguel Jererra), and X-Press (different print media by Richard Bosman, Jackie Ferrara, Richard Mock, Malcolm Morley and some of those mentioned above who continued with me at Yama Prints).

There are prints in the collection by artists with whom I printed in their own studio-lofts (Mary Frank, Karyn Gladstone, Caroline Stone). Yet others are from shops where I was, on occasion, the head printer (Riverhouse Editions in Colorado with Sylvia Mangold and Mary Weatherford; Kala Institute in California, printing with Ruth Cohn, Jeanne Gantz and Sandro Martini).

If you'd like to see these works in person or as digital files, or want to see other prints, please contact me. There is an abbreviated price list on this site.

Regarding the 4 categories of Etching, Carborundum Collagraph, Mezzotint and Related Media - with many prints crossing lines between these, an image is included in the category of the primary or most visible medium.

Betty Winkler