Yama Prints

Yama Prints was established in 1987 by Betty Winkler. It operated for 23 years, hand-printing limited edition fine art prints and monoprints.

This website displays merely a selection of the collection available for sale and exhibition. Some prints are numbered edition prints, and some are proofs with various designations. Some were pulled before Yama existed, when I "printed around", at multiple shops and artist's studios. A small number of images shown here are gifts from or trades with friends. All prints are signed by the artists.

Our platemaking methods were primarily etching and carborundum collagraph. Other media were mezzotint, stencil (pochoir), linoleum and letterpress. Many images are combined techniques/multi-media.

If you'd like to see any prints in person or as digital files, please contact me. All prints on the site are for sale at below wholesale prices, unless otherwise stated.

Betty Winkler